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We live in the century of information and globalization, where you can learn in Internet about known people who are thousands of kilometers away, where the films are launched on the same day in many countries, translated into the corresponding languages and adjusted to the culture of those countries. Even voluminous books are published and read with interest by readers in the whole world in just a few months after the original appeared. The international community interacts within the world organizations and economic and political unions with the help of thousands of interpreters, who daily assist the activity of politicians, economists, businessmen and all those who communicate with their partners, colleagues and clients from other countries.

In all these events the translators and interpreters play a crucial role, facilitating the communication and promoting the diversity of peoples and cultures that live together on the Earth.

Welcome to our site of translation and interpretation services! We will try to offer suitable solutions to your needs.

United Translations started to operate this business in 2002 and we can confidently affirm that it is a great satisfaction to offer clients a service they need and which they appreciate every time they work with us. We always know to value our clients’ time, which nowadays is scarce and costs a lot. We pay special attention to the quality of translations and respect the deadlines. Our clients pay us back with more orders as they are convinced that they found a good partner in us, who knows and respects their exigencies.

We hope that you will co-operate with us and we will do everything possible to assure that you are satisfied and confident in us, your translation partner. We look forward to your contacting us so that we can assess the possibility to translate it for you.

You will be able to develop your annual translation plan with us.
    You will create glossaries of terms on different subjects with us.
       You will have excellent translations of your documents with us.
             You will not be searching for new translators anymore if you work with us.

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