Translation samples

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Translation process

The translation process can be modified according to the clients’ needs, but usually it is organized as follows:

  • Assessment of the source text. Text analysis, identification of translation tools and sending the quote.
  • Project execution. Development of glossaries of terms, making a sample translation (if the project exceeds 10 pages). After the approval of the sample translation by the client, an agreement is concluded, and an advance payment is made in case of large projects. Then we translate the whole document, review and update the glossaries. Editing and proofreading of the target text follows.
  • Sending the final translation to the client. Checking the formatting and pagination, setting the final size of the translation according to the target text and sending the final translation together with the final invoice on the delivery date in the translation agreement or in the purchase order.
  • Payment for the translation. The client pays the total price of the service within 30 days from the date of delivery of the translation and/or receipt of the invoice. (See EU directive 2000/35/EC implementation on late payment).
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