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The measurement unit for our translation services is one page or 1500 characters with spaces or one word (one page can contain between 250-280 words depending on the language) of the the source text. The minimum rate of a translation job is the price of one page.

Please find below the prices for translations of texts of average difficulty in some language combinations:

Source language Target Language Price/1500
characters with spaces
of the source text
Price/word of
the source text
English Romanian 15 EUR 0,065 EUR
Italian Romanian 15 EUR 0,065 EUR
English Russian 15 EUR 0,065 EUR
Italian Russian 15 EUR 0,065 EUR
Russian Romanian 10 EUR 0,05 EUR
Romanian Russian 10 EUR 0,05 EUR

If you would like to learn the price for another language combination please feel free to contact us.

The price varies depending on text complexity, language and delivery date of the translation. The urgency fee is calculated on the basis of the main price, set for the corresponding text, conditional on the quantity of pages per day as follows:

from 11 to 15 pages /day - 35%,
from 16 to 25 pages /day - 50%,
over 25 pages/day - 70%.

In case the client requests a translation job over the weekend (on Saturday from 14:00 to Monday 8:00, local time in Italy), on holidays or outside office hours (until 8:00 or after 19:00, local time in Italy), an additional fee of 20% will be applied if the translation volume does not exceed 10 pages/day. Otherwise the week-end fee is added to the corresponding urgency fee.

In order to be able to establish the price for your translation, please send us the text (or 2-3 pages of the text) to be translated, telling us in what language you want it to be translated, the total volume of the source text and if you have a preferred deadline. We will reply in a few hours, informing you of the price, the urgency fee (if applicable) and our deadline (in case you do not have preferences or when it is impossible for us to respect your deadline). Click here to request a quote.

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