Translation samples

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The long-term experience of out translators will materialize into a good quality of translations. Anyway, the quality is in direct proportion to the time of performance. Often the clients have little time available for translations and, having paid an urgency fee, expect that even in these conditions the quality will be the same as when there is enough time for translation. In order to ensure a high quality of the target text, reserve more time for its translation.

There is a so-called Golden Triangle in any form of business, but especially in translations. It is an equilateral triangle (meaning that all three sides are the same size), with the first side being Quality, the second, Time, and the last, Price. If we consider an ideal project to be a balance of all three, and therefore to rest in the centre of the triangle. You can see what happens when you want to lower costs (imagine your job moving toward the Price side). Quality goes down and Time remains the same. If you want a cheap job done quickly, then Quality really drops. Conversely, if you want a job whose Quality is excellent, then Price and Time both rise. Take these remarks into account when you want to place a translation order.

In order to ensure the text’s coherence, especially in large projects, we use the computer assisted tools Wordfast and Trados, which allow using glossaries and translation memories, thus speeding the translator’s work and decreasing the execution time of a translation.

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